"Healing Through Growth" 


We hope you're keeping as healthy and well during this challenging time.

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Your vision will become

clear only when you 

look into your heart.

Who looks outside,


Who looks inside,


                  Carl Jung

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About Our Practice

We are an adult Clinical Psychology practice, passionate about working with individuals or couples.  We are located in Glenelg South, consulting Monday through Thursday.

Our primary focus is working with trauma and its potential side effects.  Trauma's can include such things as exposure to war, sexual and/or physical assault, abuse, death of a loved one or an accident.  Side effects from traumatic exposure can include, but are not limited to :
  • post-traumatic stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • avoidance
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substances use, and/or
  • sleep difficulties
We ensure you feel safe, understood and supported throughout your process.

We are also committed to working with couples.  We provide a safe space for couples to be heard and validated, we suggest tools that open up connection, and offer clarity regarding a way forward.

We also work with adults who may be experiencing a range of anxiety disorders; chronic depression; bipolar disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; grief and loss; substance abuse; sleep difficulties; and relationship, family or career stress.

We aim to assist people to reconnect with their values and learn ways of working with their challenges so that they can live a life they desire.


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Other Services

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About Us

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Our Commitment ~ Your Feedback

We strive to create a professional, trusting, and honest environment, with opportunities for personal growth.  If you have any feedback, we welcome your input.  Please email us at Awaken Psychology at admin@awakenpsychology.com.au.