*** We are sorry to inform you that we are currently not taking any new clients. Please take care.


Awaken Psychology is an adult Clinical Psychology practice, and I'm passionate about working with individuals or couples. I am located in Glenelg South, and consult Monday afternoon's.

My primary focus is working with trauma and its potential side effects. Trauma's are many and varied, and can include such things as exposure to war, sexual and/or physical assault, abuse, death of a loved one or an accident. I understand the impact a traumatic event can have on the quality of life of individuals and those around them. Resulting effects from traumatic exposure can include, but are not limited to :
  • post-traumatic stress
  • relationship difficulties
  • avoidance
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substances use, and/or
  • sleep difficulties
I understand that experiencing a trauma and coping with the aftermath is not easy and that people may need some assistance and strategies. I also understand that working with your experience may not be pleasant and can be challenging; so I would like to support you, work with you, and help you heal through growth. I ensure you feel safe, understood and supported throughout your process.

I am also committed to working with couples.  It's common for relationships to experience "ups and downs"; however, sometimes we need some guidance from an experienced professional who can assist with understanding the challenges, providing skills that open up connection, and offering clarity regarding a way forward. I provide a safe space for couples to be heard and validated, I suggest tools that open up connection, and I offer clarity regarding a way forward.

Through creating a safe, professional, and trusting environment at Awaken Psychology I aim to assist people to learn ways of working differently with their challenges so that they can live a life they desire.

Are You Ready for Change?

Therapy is a deeply personal and often challenging process, and for change to occur honesty and openness is required, authentic self-assessment and welcoming feedback is also required, as well as a commitment to attending sessions regularly, and doing the work between sessions. Further, while you might really want to change right now, there may be some barriers that could get in the way of changing. Consider whether you’re looking for and open to change, you’re committed to change, you’re willing to do the work, and you’re clear on ‘why’ you’re wanting therapy, to ensure therapy is right for you now. And, if after reading this you don’t think you’re ready for change, that’s okay. Maybe come back to the idea of therapy at a later stage.

About Our Sessions

Sessions at Awaken Psychology last approximately 50 minutes. I ask that you arrive 10 minutes early for your first session as there is some paperwork to fill out. After your first session I ask that you arrive on time for your follow-up appointments as I strictly adhere to appointment start times (as much as practical).

During our sessions, any information that you disclose is confidential. This means that I will not reveal any information about you or your attendance at our practice, unless you provide permission for this. However, there are three exceptions to this. Firstly, psychologists must disclose when there is a danger to the client or to another person (minimal information to avert risk is disclosed). Secondly, if it is disclosed that a child has been or may be subjected to physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect (psychologists by law must report this to appropriate authorities). Thirdly, unregistered firearms must also be reported to the relevant authorities.

About Our Fees and Available Rebates

Psychology sessions can attract a rebate through Medicare and most Private Health Funds.

The current Australian Psychological Society recommended rate per session is $280.00.  

I accept credit and debit cards, and full payment is required at the time of consultation. Please Note: if you have a Mental Health Care Plan I will process your claim electronically with the funds being deposited back into your Medicare nominated bank account.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

The scheduled appointment time is reserved for you and Awaken Psychology is fully booked. Short notice cancellations or 'no shows' mean that others miss out. As such, I have a cancellation policy. If you miss an appointment, reschedule, or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be billed 100% of your scheduled fee as a cancellation fee. Medicare and Private Health Funds do not cover payment for missed appointments.